Have you ever seen a photo of Kylie Jenner’s Amazing Fake Eyelashes? Ever wanted to know Kylie Jenner’s eyelash secrets?

fake eyelashes
Huda Beauty Fake Lashes – Jade Style

The youngest Jenner sister “recently shared a selfie on Instagram” showing a picture of her magnificent eyelashes. Although Kylie’s famed luscious ‘pout’ is 100 percent natural, her lashes are false. All Kardashian and Jenner sisters love eyelash extensions. They also wear falsies, including Kylie herself.

Huda Beauty Eyeshadow
Huda Beauty Eyeshadow: Rose Gold Collection

As well, the sisters are huge supporters of Huda Beauty. Huda Beauty products can be found online on Amazon.com and Shophudabeauty.com. You can check out Huda Beauty’s Eyelashes in Jade along with Huda Beauty’s Eyeshadow Palette: Rose Gold Edition on Amazon. Huda provides reliable choices for false lashes and vibrant eyeshadow colors.

Kylie’s Jenner’s Amazing Fake Eyelash Secrets:

Kylie’s Favorite Products with Extensions or Falsies

Moreover, on Instagram, Kylie shared some of her tips. Kylie Jenner’s Amazing Fake Eyelash Secrets include her “secret weapons” for the “perfect cat eye.” These products complement her luscious lashes.

Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner
Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner

Kylie recommends Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eyeliner because it is “carbon proof,” “waterproof,” and has a “WIDELASH lash enhancer.” The ‘WIDELASH lash enhancer’ means that it gives lashes a “tripeptide boost.” The eyeliner also promotes natural lash growth. Moreover, the Eyeko eyeliner promises “up to 3 times” increased “length and volume” for your eyelashes. This effect is guaranteed in “15 days” or less.

Kylie Jenner's Eyelash Secret
Black Magic Mascara (also in Indigo Blue) –

Secondly, Kylie adores an Eyeko mascara called Eyeko Black Magic Mascara. This mascara promises to be the “ultimate mascara . . . combin[ing] drama, volume and curl with a carbon black finish”. This finish works to “intensify your lashes” as no other” mascara has done in the past. As well, the Eyeko mascara has a “curvaceous brush” that “lifts” your lashes up “for a 90-degree curl”. All these aspects contribute to an excellent mascara for Kylie Jenner’s Amazing Eyelash Secret fans!

Additionally, the curl from Kylie’s preferred Eyeko mascara lasts for “12 hours[s]” and stays in place. The mascara also conditions your lashes. It made them “supple and defined with” intense color that remains. As well, this brilliant mascara will last the whole day through.

Furthermore, you can also find Kylie’s favorite mascara in color Midnight Blue. It’s perfect if you wish to define your eyes in a more vivid shade of mascara. As well, Eyeko Black Magic Mascara is a Glamour Magazine, Beauty Award product of the year.

Tricks from Hrush Achemyan

Kylie Jenner lashes

Kylie Jenner’s eyelash secret Product


Along with her sisters, one of Kylie Jenner’s Amazing Fake Eyelash Secrets is using a “clever criss-cross technique” with fake lashes. It causes her eyes to appear “wider” and her “falsies” more natural. In addition, Kylie, Kendall, and Khloe have been wearing their “falsh lashes” differently due to “L.A. makeup artist Hrush Achemyan”.

Hrush Achemyan creates a layered “effect” through “building” and overlaying “individual” false lashes for Kylie. Hrush does this by putting these individual lashes on Kylie’s “lash line, one at a time.” As well, she uses lashes from the “Alyssa set of mixed singles and clusters” Huda eyelash kit. It’s also called the Alysha #2 Lashes Classic Lash for Huda Beauty.

Eyelashes secrets
Credit: Hudabeauty.com – Alyssa #2 Lash Set

Additionally, these Huda: Alysha #2 false lashes are packaged with individual lashes in “varying sizes.” It means that a person can “place short” lashes in the “corners” of their eyes and place “longer” lashes “on the outer edges” as Hrush does for Kylie.

Hrush is also a fan of the “Middle Eastern beauty brand” Huda Beauty that has various false lashes and false mink lashes in the Alysha brand. Remember to check-out 6 Steps to Remove Your False Eyelashes when you need to remove your falsies!

Kylie Jenner’s Fake Eyelash Tips in Detail!

To begin with, Kylie Jenner’s Fake Eyelash Secrets include an “open-eyed effect” for false lashes. This maintains her natural eyelash appearance as opposed to a “retro or doll-like” appearance. Hrush builds up the thickness of Kylie’s eyelashes. This is done by “using clusters” mostly in “the center” of Kylie’s eyes and placing Kylie’s lashes in varied “directions.”

As well, Hrush ensures she “point[s]” Kylie’s false eyelashes “towards the center” of her eyes. This is done to “open” the middle of Kylie’s eyes so that she has a more “‘awake'” looking eyes.

amazing lashes
Credit: Damezy.com

Furthermore, this ‘layered effect’ directed towards the center of Kylie’s eyes is done multiple times. Hrush uses, “single lashes” on both “the outer and inner corners” of Kylie’s eyes too. The result is ‘individual lashes’ “all point[ing] upwards and outwards.”

In particular, this creates an effect that is a “wide- [eyed]” and “sultry.” It’s also the best fake eyelash look for “almond shaped eyes” such as Kylie’s eyes.

Tips for the ‘Everyday’ Woman

long lush lashes

Kylie along with Kendall and Khloe express themselves with the “full-[on]” Hollywood glamorous false eyelash trend. But the average woman can mimic Kylie Jenner’s Amazing Fake Eyelash Secrets subtly.

Most women can try a more natural look for everyday eyelashes. As well, more natural falsies mean women can use “fewer lashes” via the same method Hrush uses on Kylie and her sisters. Another great post to read on this site would be How to Safely Remove False Eyelashes if you go for Kylie’s layered look often.

Secret’s for Woman Mimicking Kylie Jenner’s eyelash secrets

get the kylie jenner look
Woman Copying Kylie Jenner Lashes

Moreover, if the occasion arises, Hrush’s technique on Kylie with “full-glam falsies” can be tried for special events. The result will be super-voluminous and a long-lashed effect for a party, a wedding, wedding events, or going out to a fancy club. These are perfect times to use Kylie Jenner’s Amazing Fake Eyelash Secrets.

As well, Hrush’s techniques can be hard to achieve but can be done with practice. The look is a good one because it is “less obvious” than strip fake lashes. I have a feeling you can all do this at home with a few trial runs before taking your new lashes public!!

For more information on fake eyelashes and extensions, you can read 7 Myths About Eyelash Extensions. 


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