Coconut Oil for Eyelashes (and everything else) is a natural oil that is all the rage. It has various uses for face and body care, as well as, fantastic value as a beauty product for lashes.

Reap the Benefits of Coconut Oil for Eyelashes:

long lashes

While many women enjoy ‘glamming up’ their eyelashes for special events or some days just to feel prettier, the majority of woman seek healthy “thick long eyelashes that gently frame the face.” In short, many women are looking for more natural eyelashes. They do not want to use tons of serums, layers of mascara, extensions, and other eyelash products or procedures. Coconut oil for eyelashes is perfect!

Coconut Oil Doesn’t Clog Skin Pores

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Coconut oil for eyelashes is a delicious smelling solution that will make your lashes appear “soft and shiny.” It also won’t clog your pores like other oil-based products; it is good for all skin types. This means your skin will not break out from using coconut oil on your lashes. This could happen if coconut oil transferred to your skin while sleeping. As a beauty product, coconut oil is “non-comedogenic.” It will not clog your pores when it ends up on your eye area. You can also use it on your skin as a moisturizer at night.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Your Eyelashes

Spoolie Brush
Eyelash Spoolie Brush

Coconut oil for your eyelashes can be applied directly to them. Over time, the oil will aid your lashes to not “falling out” as often while your eyelashes become thicker. Coconut oil should be applied at night. It can be messy to apply during the day. Comb the oil through your eyelashes with a spoolie brush.


Comb the oil through with a spoolie brush or an old disinfected mascara wand. Additionally. Some of the coconut oil’s “healthy properties” such as”natural fatty acids,” can aid “cell growth in the human body”  This means that “applying” coconut oil to your eyelashes helps new lashes grow. If you apply too much coconut oil to your lashes, you can always blot your eyelashes with a Kleenex or wet wipe. You can also check out our blog post All About Eyelashes.

Moreover, coconut oil can increase the “overall health” of your eyelashes. It causes your lashes to stand out, to better “frame your eyes and make them ‘pop’.” In general, coconut oil makes your eyelashes “soft and shiny” and prevents them from “falling out” and breaking off quickly.

What Else is Great About Using Coconut Oil For Eyelashes?

Coconut Oil for Eyelashes
Spectrum Natural Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

For starters, coconut oil is “safe to use around” your eyes. Besides being “good for your lashes” coconut oil is moisturizing in the same way coconut oil is healthy for your hair. Coconut oil for your eyelashes is wonderful as the oil is full of many “natural fatty acids” including Lauric, myristic, caprylic, and capric acid.” These are “medium chain fatty acids” that form critical “building blocks” for all cells in the body along with much-needed protein.

As well, coconut oil works to “penetrate your eyelash follicles” by “stimulating hair growth.” The oil also combats skin problems such as “dandruff and other fungal infections” that people can end up with on their eyelashes. It provides your lashes with a “reflective, glossy quality” creating a “fresh and natural” appearance. This is especially great for summer. Remember, to watch that too much coconut oil does not end up on your skin. In summer, you might already be dealing with oily skin issues due to the hot weather.

Results of Using Coconut Oil: Fuller and Thicker Lashes

The results of using coconut oil for your eyelashes, regularly, and in the “long term,” is continued “benefits.” This means beautiful eyelashes overall. Some of these specific benefits include: “helping to replenish” your lashes “with much-needed hydration” and” lash-boosting nutrition” which keeps your lashes healthy Overall, your lashes will be fuller, thicker, will not break off, and will be less susceptible to damage. Coconut oil is great to apply on your eyelashes at night as part of your beauty routine.

Can it Lengthen Your Eyelashes?

Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer
LASHFOOD -Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer (for Length and Volume)

Nevertheless, what coconut oil can’t do is lengthen your lashes. Although, coconut oil for eyelashes is perfect for thicker lashes; however, if your eyelashes are naturally short, the only way to ensure your lashes grow longer is by using an “eyelash growth serum.” Serums for eyelashes contain ingredients that both “extend the growth phase of your lashes” and “increase the number of lashes that sprout” from your eyelashes. This provides lashes that are both, “fuller and thicker.”

Moreover, an excellent lash serum to try is the, LashFood Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer. It includes special ingredients such as the “Phyto-Medic Complex” which is a “medicinal herb extract” that prevents “hair loss” while promoting the natural regrowth of lashes.” As well it contains “[a]rginine” an essential amino acid for hair growth; “[l]avender [w]ater” which treats “hair problems including alopecia;” and “[s]oy [p]rotein” a “natural protein” which works to “strengthen, condition, and sooth lashes.”

You can both use a serum like the one above for eyelash length, and use the coconut oil “to nourish,” “strengthen,” and thicken your eyelashes in the evening. Also, you can read our article Tips for Caring for Your Lashes.

Where to find Coconut Oil: Beauty Store or Online

As well, coconut oil is a food product, turned beauty product, that is easy to find. You can find it at your local supermarket, health food stores, and “due to its popularity,” at your cosmetic’s store, and at your favorite drugstore. If you want to go for a cosmetic brand of coconut oil for your eyelashes (due to additional helpful ingredients), you can check out Kopari Coconut Melt in (2.5 oz) on Amazon or Sephora.

Multipurpose Coconut Oil Product
Kepori Coconut Melt

This particular coconut oil product can be used anywhere on your body. Simply take a “dollop” if it in your “hands” and rub your “palms together to warm up the oil” before “lather[ing]” it on your “entire body from head to toe.” Kopari can also be used as “a nail nourisher, makeup remover, under-eye rescuer, scar smoother, bath booster, shave oil, deep conditioning hair mask, belly and baby balm, hand treatment,” and lash booster.

As well, you can buy normal coconut oil for eyelashes and can check out Spectrum Naturals Organic Coconut Oil (54 oz) on Amazon for a much cheaper price.

Where Else to Find Coconut Oil: The Grocery Store.

Moreover, the Great Value Organic Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil (54oz) is also a coconut brand available on Walmart. Beyond Walmart’s grocery area or Amazon, or Sephora, you can check out your nearest grocery store in the cooking oil aisle or the skin care product’s aisle.

Great Value Organic
Great Value Organic Coconut Oil

As a beauty product, coconut oil can be “relatively inexpensive” considering “the [tiny]amount you need” each night to use to help your lashes grow. A small container of coconut oil, where you buy it, will last you for ages. Of course, if you’re a person who slathers’s it all over, a larger sized container such as the one mentioned above would be a wise purchase.

At Home Coconut Oil Eyelash Serum Recipe

In addition, Good Healthy Academy, provides an eyelash serum made with coconut oil that includes, “one tiny container of fractionated coconut oil” in the “liquid form of coconut oil),” a drop of “lemon essential oil,” a drop of “lavender oil,” and “one roller bottle with a twist on lid.” It’s the perfect ‘DIY’ serum using coconut oil for eyelashes.

Eyelash Serum with Coconut Oil
Eyelash Serum with Coconut Oil

A small bottle with a dropper would work well too. Using a spoolie brush to comb through your lashes after applying the serum to them is recommended. As well, coconut oil keeps your complete eye area moisturized. You do not need to use an eye cream when using it on your eyelashes. Also, in the morning, you do not need to wear mascara as the coconut serum will darken your lashes and make them appear glossy.

Remember to try not to touch your eyelashes when applying the coconut oil as this can lead to the spreading of bacteria into your eye and eye infections. At the very least, wash your hands if you plan to use your fingers to apply the serum to your lashes.

Conclusion on Using Coconut Oil For Eyelashes

Ultimately, if you do nothing else for your eyelashes, not even wearing mascara, coconut oil is the best and most cost effective treatment to nourish your lashes and make them appear healthy and lush.

For more articles on keeping your eyelashes healthy and full, you can read 9 Eyelash Growing Hacks for Fuller, Longer Lashes.


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