How to Apply Mascara for INSANE Lashes!

apply mascara like a pro

How to Apply Mascara for INSANE lashes

You’ve gone that extra mile to look your best, putting together a smooth seamless sleek look. Your makeup is on point, but there’s one thing missing and that’s putting together a great eye look. When you’re looking to catch the eye of that special guy or simply want gain tons of compliments, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful doe-eyed look and your strongest plus best beauty weapon to drawing heaps of praise is mascara.

Mascara framed around a gorgeous set of peepers as been a beauty arsenal device since ancient times, so why is it that sometimes we still can’t seem to get it right? It seems like it should be simple to apply mascara. But, then you see or read horror stories of clumping lashes coupled with eyelash loss from improper mascara use, you begin to realize its not always that easy to have mascara looking on point. So in a continuing quest to give you the best advice on eyelash care and management, here’s some solid advice on how to apply mascara and use mascara to gain you insanely great looking eyelashes.

Understanding eye color and mascara

First, it’s important to take into consideration your eye color because eye color can affect the depth and look of make-up with its accompanying mascara. While black mascara is like wearing a black dress, it looks great on everyone. It’s important to consider other colors can have just has dramatic an effect. Fair skinned women can make a statement with brown mascara that brings out and harmonizes well with red, blond and light brown hair. For Darker skinned women and brunettes super black mascara brings a heady doe-eyed look that can seriously turn heads.

With eye color and mascara, you’re looking to create depth and drama without being overpowered by eyeshadow or eyeliner. If you’re wanting to create a seamless natural looking mascara look using brown mascara, go for soft brown mascara for blue and green eyes while olive skinned ladies plus darker skinned lasses won’t go wrong with a deeper, blacked brown mascara to gain a lash volumizing look.

But, what about other colors for your lashes like blue mascara? Well, if you’re wondering fair skinned ladies with blue, brown or light green eyes and brunettes alike can look amazing with blue or dark blue mascara colors. So, don’t be afraid to try out new and different mascara shades to give your eyes the wow factor.

Putting it all together

Let’s get down to the basics of applying mascara in a way that makes the eye really pop. Once you’ve settled onto the mascara you need and want, give it a slight bend at the handle once it is out of the tub to help reach hard to reach inner eye corners. Next, be sure to have a tissue handy to lightly dab off excess mascara onto the tissue to avoid those unsightly clumps that can come up when putting it on.

You’ll want to have an eyelash curler nearby to curl your lashes before setting up your mascara because curling lashes before using mascara can give lashes extra volume that really increases its power. Clear eyelash primer can be a gal’s best friend, so break out this little gem after you’ve done lash curling to take your insane eyelash look prep to the next level. But, be sure to allow the primer to dry before moving on to the next step.

Baby power isn’t just for skin, it’s also a great way to plump up lashes. Apply a slight bit of power using a clean mascara brush from the bottom lid, then swipe right to left and you’re ready to apply for mascara to gain a plumper, fuller looking lash.

Now, the following steps will complete all of your prep steps to bring you smiling across the finish line:

  • 1. Taking your mascara brush and lightly go over the bottom lashes applying a light coat of mascara. Be sure to wiggle the brush lightly back and forth on the lashes while swiping towards the tips to help mascara last longer on the lashes.
  • 2. Next, set your mascara on the underpart of the lash as well as the top to help create a volumizing look.
  • 3. Continuing on the right side follow steps one and two, then move on to the left side to complete your look.
  • 4. If you do make a mistake on the lash or a bit of mascara gets on the skin around your eye, try dabbing a cotton ball into a bit of concealer to cover it.

Once you’ve created the look you want for your lashes you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results. Getting the most exotic insane eyelash look for you doesn’t need to be a hassle when you learn how to work with the eyes you have to achieve the look you want. If you don’t like using mascara brushes, you can pull out other things from your beauty arsenal to complete your look like loading up a lip brush to lightly work on lashes. The choice is yours on how to get the best look for you, so get started today for a beautiful you tomorrow.


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