All About Eye Lashes

If eyes are the windows to the soul then eyelashes are the protectors and the bringers of attraction. To find out more about how important your eyelashes are to your eyes, keep reading.


All About Eye Lashes

Over the years eyes have become more than the windows to our soul. Eyes are what attract a potential partner’s attention. Eyes are what make you look stunning in the middle of the club. Eyes are what the audience is paying attention to when you make eye contact with random people listening to your speech/presentation. It is all about eyes these days, and the best place to start with your eyes are the eyelashes. There is so much to do with eyelashes, whether it is colored mascara or eyeliners that will emphasize how much you can bat your eyes and draw someone’s attention. Our eyes know that it is all about the eyelashes.

What are eyelashes?

Eyelashes are the hairs that stick off your eyelids… if you want to break it down to the most basic. They stick off your eyes like creepy little aliens. Some people shave them off. Some people aren’t born with any. Some people are born with thick dark lashes and are blessed. I am very envious of these people. And some people are born with thin blonde lashes, which look like they don’t have any eyelashes but they do when mascara is involved. We are all different, and they come in all different shapes and sizes.

beautiful eye lashes
beautiful healthy eye lashes

Protect your eyes!

Your eyelashes do this for you. All the dirt, dust, and other crazy particles in the air would most likely touch your eyeball and leave you with frequently infected eyes if you didn’t have eyelashes. Eyelashes pick up all the dirt that could potentially cause an eye infection or just irritation. But we have all had that time when an eyelash falls and pokes us in the eye. Everytime we blink, our eyelashes are pushing away dirt that could damage our eyes. In addition to attracting attention to our eyes, eyelashes are protecting us. Our little eye bodyguards. It is all about eyelashes when it comes to our eyes.

Lashes Fall out daily, is that weird?

Every day we lose about five eyelashes from each eye. Crazy right? But we also lose about 100 hairs a day from our head. It is just something that happens. Your body has to refresh itself and cycle out the old and let the new come in so that we can continue to look fresh, young, and beautiful.

The BIG difference between upper and lower lashes

Your upper lashes are the stunning ones. These are the lashes that do the serious protecting because they are thicker and fuller. There are probably about two to three times more lashes on your upper eyelashes than on your lower lashes.

That is not to say that your lower lashes should be neglected though. Your lower lashes help seal your eyes. They intertwine with your top lashes and do their best to protect your delicate eyes.

Does length matter?

Of course length matters, as well as thickness. But that is not what we are talking about right now. We are talking about how the length of our lashes differ depending on what part of the eye they are located at. Why is this important? So that you know how to apply mascara and which false lashes you should pick out. 

Your eyelashes are the shortest in the inner corner of your eyes. The longest in the middle, sticking straight out, and a little shorter on the outer corners of your eyes. Your lower lashes follow the same rules, just all shorter though. By knowing how long your lashes are you can figure out the best mascara look for your eyes.

Gross! Mites live in your lashes!

Actually. Tiny mites are living on your eyelashes… BUT! Don’t worry at all. These mites are microscopic. And they are important for you to have healthy eyes. As we talked about before, eyelashes protect your eyes, but the mites that live on your lashes eat all the bad bacteria that could give you pink eye or something worse. So don’t stress about the mites that are living on your eyes. They need to be there, and also you are never going to know they are there. These mites aren’t big enough for you to be able to see without a microscope.

How long have you been styling yours?

your eye lashes can complete your look
lashes can make the look

Eyelashes have been styled since 4000 B.C.

Cleopatra styled her eyelashes and looked absolutely stunning. Well, at least from what we can tell from the images painted and carved of her.

From ancient Egyptians to the Elizabethan era, to the roaring twenties, colorful eighties and our selfie obsessed present day, women have been styling their lashes. And every year, women look equally as fabulous or maybe more. I mean over the years we have started using formulas that aren’t going to make us crazy. Once upon a time, mascara manufacturers used mercury in their formulas. If mercury touches the skin, you will probably go insane. Look up why hatters are mad if you want to know more about mercury driving people crazy.

Thankfully, today, most makeup companies use chemicals and formulas that are safe for our skin and eyes.

What eyelash facts do you know of that we haven’t mentioned? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.


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