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What’s the True Price of Eyelash Extensions and Their Cost? 

You’ve always wanted to try eyelash extensions or have a special event they would be perfect for. How do you know how much Eyelash Extensions Cost? What’s a fair price to pay for eyelash extensions, ensuring quality extensions with longevity?

What’s ‘too little’ to pay for eyelash extensions? Paying too little for your eyelash extensions means your extensions will fall out early and that the material of your lash extensions is uncomfortable?

Here’s what you need to know about how much eyelash extensions cost. Ensuring you pay both a decent price and receive quality lash extensions.

What Are Eyelash Extensions?

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Lash extensions are lashes applied to your own natural eyelashes, usually, one lash at a time. They add volume and length to your natural eyelashes that you a may feel are not as long or voluminous as you would like them to appear. Professional eyelash technicians are trained to apply the kind of lash extensions you desire. Extensions are meant to “minimize” your need to apply eye makeup, such as mascara, as most extensions are meant to appear natural and not to appear.

When single eyelashes are applied as extensions, they give you the most “natural look,” using an adhesive or glue that is safe for the eyes and eye area. Nevertheless, you still want to test the glue on your eye area or inside of your arm, to ensure you are not allergic to the glue your eyelash technician wants to use the material of your lash extensions. The adhesive typically used in salons/spas is called “cyanoacrylate-based glue” and is a “surgically based” adhesive (Best Health).

Where Do I Go for Eyelash Extensions?

There are “thousands of salons” across the U.S and Canada that do eyelash extensions . Doing a ‘Yelp or Google’ search is a fantastic place to start searching for a trained eyelash technician. One who is near where you live or where your work.

A general search on the internet will aid you in discovering how much eyelash extensions cost at your local salons/spas, ensuring you can find reliable contact and website information. Reliable information is needed both from a salon/spa and the eyelash technician you wish to have apply your extension. Research on the internet will help you discover how much eyelashes extensions cost in the area you live and work.

Always, always, always, check a salon’s/spa’s lash technicians credentials prior to having extensions.You don’t want to walk out end up with fake ‘Betty Boop’ lashes that fall off quickly.

As you would search for the right hair stylist, you need to search for the right technician for extensions. Moreover, there are plenty of health concerns associated with having an untrained or poorly trained technician do your extensions. Look for a person who is an “[a]esthetician” or “cosmetologist” (Beauty Magazine). If they have further training in eyelash extensions, all the better.
Moreover, there are plenty of health concerns associated with having an untrained or poorly trained technician do your extensions. Look for a person who is an “[a]esthetician” or “cosmetologist” and if they have further training in eyelash extensions, all the better (Beauty Magazine).

Find a Reputable Lash Technician Through Friends

Additionally, talk to your friends, family, close acquittances, and well-known colleagues to ask them where they have (if they have) had their lash extensions done. Ask them for direct referrals for the place they had their extensions done. And, especially, ask for who they had put on their lash extensions that they would definitely consider returning to in the future. You can also ask them how much their eyelash extensions cost if they don’t mind telling you.

Eyelash Extensions Pricing
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Moreover, chances are that if a technician did a wonderful job with your friends or colleagues extensions, and you like they way their extensions turned out, the lash technician will listen to you and do a wonderful job with your own extensions.

Your lash technician will also want to retain you as a customer since her other customers recommended you to her (or him). As well, reading the reviews women (or men) give an eyelash technician on a salon’s/spa’s website or on Yelp, is a vital step to finding the perfect technician to do your eyelash extensions now and in the future.

What If Your Lash Technician or Salon was a Bad Choice?

The quality of an eyelash technicians service and the quality of the salon they work at is essential. If there is “any indication” that the salon/spa or technician’s experience is ‘questionable,” find another place to have your extensions done (The Gloss). How much your eyelash extensions cost is vital but so is going to a place with reputable aestheticians and cosmetologists who are trained well.

Woman Grossed Out After Leaving Spa
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It is better to pay more and have extensions completed well then to pay less money and have terrible-fake looking lash extension that fall off quickly. If your extensions turn out awfully, you actually end up paying more money than if you had shelled out more cash, initially.

Most importantly, if the location your eyelash technician works at is not “100% sanitary or safe, and professional” find another salon/spa or medispa. If you have to leave the salon/spa, so be it; they do not deserve your business if they cannot keep their business clean . Additionally, no one wants an eye infection due to improper hygiene at the salon/spa they visited due to a lash technicians unsanitary cleaning of extensions applying instruments, or refusal to wear a new pair of gloves.

Can I Apply My Own Professional Eyelash Extensions?

Ardell Individual Fake Lashes
Credit Ulta.com – Ardell Individual Fake Lashes – As opposed to paying for Eyelash Extensions Cost

If we’re talking, “theoretically,” this is possible if you are a trained eyelash technician . However, this doesn’t mean you should do your own eyelash extensions. It’s highly advised even as a technician, to have another apply eyelash extensions.

Fake Eyelash Glue
Credit: Sephora.com – Fake Eyelash Glue – An Option instead of Paying for Eyelash Extension Cost

If you are searching for thicker lashes at a cheaper price, for a special occasion you can look here at Sephora Collection: Luxe False Lashes for full-length, natural to plush styles of false eyelashes. Purchasing a reliable fake eyelash glue such as Duo Eyelash Adhesive (Glue) is also recommended. Both the price of fake eyelashes and the price of the adhesive combined will be less than eyelash extensions cost. As well, many false lashes are reusable as strips.

If you’ve never used false lashes before, it might be wise to practice applying them a couple of times before a big event. False lashes can also be found in individual lashes if you prefer applying them one at a time. This is opposed to full-length false lashes that can be worn as they are or cut to various sizes. You can purchase Individual False Lashes by Ardell at Ulta for a small price or simply check out your local drugstore in cosmetics.

All Right Already: How Much Do Eyelash Extensions Cost?

According to Best Health Magazine, eyelash extensions can cost anywhere from approximately “$75 for . . . a set of 25 to 35 lashes per eye,” to “$300 for a full set of 60 to 80 lashes per eye” (Best Health). Most eyelash extensions are made of “synthetic mink” or  “polyester” (Best Health). How much eyelash extensions cost is often determined by the material used for your extensions.

beautiful lashes

Moreover, a person should be “wary” of “seedy salon[s]” offering extensions for only “$10” an eye . These lashes are cheaply made and do not appear natural in any way. It is a better value to have lash extensions that are more expensive and professionally done. Even false eyelashes will look better than fake extensions (for that matter).

Doing my own research for cost at mid-priced and dependable salons where I live,  a median price range for lash extensions is anywhere from $119 to $150 for a full set of extensions on both eyes. It also takes about 120 minutes or a bit longer for eyelash extensions to be applied in this salons/spas.

In addition, a ‘touch-up’ for eyelash extensions costs from $40 to $60 dollars and will take about 60 minutes time for your technician to complete. However, a refill of your eyelash extensions can cost $60 to $80 for at least a 90 minutes session. These are all average prices and lengths of time. I am assuming the prices and lengths of time for eyelash extensions cost, would be about the same in American dollars in mid-range salons/spas.

Eyelash Extensions: What They’re Made Out Of

When you receive extensions you are “paying for both the materials” of your extensions and “the time it takes for” a technician “to apply” your extensions properly (The Gloss). Make sure that whatever salon/spa you go to, they are reputable and your technician is trustworthy and hygienic.

You can receive “authentic mink” lashes “harvested by brushing” mink and these lash extensions appear and “feel the most natural”. However, they are also “the most expensive” lash extensions. As well, they do not last as long as “synthetic” lashes do so synthetic lashes offer a better price point for the average woman and in, my opinion, look just as pretty, lasting for a longer length of time .

Having Your Eyelash Extensions Applied

lash application
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When you are have found your eyelash extensions cost and salon/spa, while having them applied, keep ‘an eye out’ for any signs of pain or allergies. If you feel any “burning, pain or discomfort,” let your lash technician “know immediately” so she will stop what she (he) is doing. A lash technician is trained to deal with ‘side effects’ or ‘allergies’ caused by extensions. They can help you choose the right lash extension for you, as well as, the right adhesive for your skin.

Additionally, when your extensions are applied you should be lying down, with “cotton pads” placed over your closed eyes, and lower lashes (Best Health). With “fine tweezers” your technician will “dip” a “fake eyelash’ in glue then put it on one of your natural lashes, allowing it to dry. An individual eyelash extension should be placed “one millimeter above the root of your lash” for reference (Best Health).

Having Eyelash Extensions Done
Credit Biglion – Having Eyelash Extensions Done – How Much Do Eyelash Extensions Cost

A full set of lash extensions can take up to “two hours” for both eyes. Having lashes individually applied is by far the best method and lasts longer than ‘clumped’ extensions. If a technician has finished your extensions in less than “an hour” or has “you sit up,” she is “cutting corners” by “‘stacking'” your extensions, “a technique” where the technician “glues on three or more lashes” at one time . You need to call her on this.

The Right Extensions

A person is able to “double the length of” their lashes with extensions, but having lashes that are any longer means “your extensions (and your natural lashes)” will “fall out faster” (Best Health). Extensions come in widths of “0.10 to 0.30 millimeters” but “any” lash extensions over “0.20 millimeters” aren’t recommended (Best Health). In addition, if “your natural lashes” are weak and brittle, lash extensions will “damage them” even more (Best Health). This is why it always prudent to take a break from eyelash extensions for a couple of months.

How Much Do Eyelash Extensions Cost to Remove
Credit: lashesinstyle.com – Removing Eyelash Extensions – How Much Do Eyelash Extensions Cost

Extension Removal Cost

Finally, researching the same spas/salons where I provided you the price of eyelash extensions before, a median price range for extension removal was given. It can range from  $45.00 to $75.00 for eyelash extensions cost removal. This depending on how many extensions you first received. It is highly recommended that you visit your eyelash technician for extension removal. You do not want to damage your natural eyelashes and cause ‘bald patches.’

Keep in mind, lash extensions need replacing every two to three weeks depending on the growth cycle of your natural eyelashes. Please see theTruth About Eyelash Extensions: 6 Need to KnowsBefore Getting Eyelash Extensions Read This, for more information on eyelashes and lash extensions.



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