7 Myths About Eyelash Extensions

I don’t know about you but having an eye infection ranks up there in my top ten biggest fears. I wear contact lenses so having things near or on my eyes is not that big of a deal. But having an eye infection is definitely something that I try to avoid. What does eye infections have to do with myths about eyelash extensions? Well eyelash extensions is a very invasive, and if not done properly, dangerous process.


What is a myth? Well, myths are stretched truths. They are a rumor that has been spread around and miss believed as truth. Like Becky having better eyelashes than me, when we all know that is not true. That is a myth. Whatever. I guess the past is in the past or something like that.

This article is going to put your mind at ease as we reveal to you the most common statements about eyelash extensions that are myths. If you haven’t done your research about eyelash extensions, then feel free to read our other articles on lash extensions that will prepare you better.

If you love looking extra, eyelash extensions can help you do that. And to make you feel like it is the right choice, here are some myths debunked!:

Myth #1: You’re Gonna Lose Your Eyelashes

If you’re like Becky, who likes to complain about how I am doing everything wrong than you are probably going to lose your eyelashes from all the stress you are putting yourself under. But if you’re like me, then there is no chance that you are going to lose your eyelashes if you get eyelash extensions.

Let me explain how this works:

Your natural eyelashes have a life cycle, and that life cycle will continue to go on for as long as you shall live. As long as you continue to eat healthy and take care of your body, skin, hair, lashes, brows, etc. The eyelash extensions that are glued to your eyelashes are not going to mess with that lifecycle at all. You are your own worst enemy when it comes to losing your eyelashes. The extensions will grow out and fall out naturally as your eyelashes do. Don’t pay attention to the scary images on the internet.

Myth #2: Eyelash Extensions are Painful

myths about eyelash extensionsIf you think that putting glue on your eyelid/eyelash is painful, than sure getting eyelash extensions are painful. But I assure you that when it comes to having eyelash extensions put on, you should feel no pain what so ever. As long as you, go to the right person. A specialist, a professional, a technician that knows what they are doing. You might feel slight discomfort 24 hours after the procedure if you get longer lashes than what is recommended. This is because the muscles that control your eyelids are used to your super light lashes and adding hair to them is going to add a new stress to them. That being said, that should be the most pain you will possibly feel when getting eyelash extensions. Myth #2 busted.

Myth #3: Once You Stop, Your Eyelashes Are Never Going to Be The Same

Ummm,… I just don’t understand the logic on this one. So you’re saying if I stop adding stuff to my eyelids, everything is going to be worse for me? I think not. No one ever says if you stop dying your hair, your hair is going to be uglier, duller, etc. Because that just isn’t true. If you stop dying your hair, your hair will be exactly how you left it as long as you continue to treat it properly. This is the same thing with your lashes. Your eyelashes will be just fine if you stop getting eyelash extensions. They will go back to their normal length; the life cycle will stay the same. And if you continue to take care of them by moisturizing, beauty rest, and not touching them too often, you will have no problem having beautiful lashes with (or without) extensions.

In other words, you don’t need to continue going back and getting your lashes redone before they come off completely. It is not like getting your nails done.

Myth #4: Let Your Eyelashes Rest for Once!

What does this myth mean? Well, it means you need to give yourself a break from getting all those eyelash extensions, Becky. Just kidding. This is one of my favorite myths to bust. Why? Because I get to tell you to do what you want, when you want. However, you want. No one can stop you. I mean there might be some things out there in life that theoretically you should not be doing but I mean, it’s your life. But getting eyelash extensions for the rest of your life is one of those things you will comfortably be able to do without getting any backlash. Myth #4 is a complete rumor to make you feel bad about living your life.

Myth #5: Time is Money, and Eyelash Extensions Take Too Much Time

This is one of the myths that people don’t care to look into. Because if the idea of something taking forever even comes up, then that idea gets shut down. We only have a limited time in our life, so why not spend it wisely. Or, even better, making money to get yourself something special later on.

Good news though! If you have time to get all 10 of your nails done, then you have time to get both your eyelashes done. If you have time to get your eyebrows done, you have time to get your eyelashes extended. It takes so little time. But you can also get a nap in while it is happening. Two birds with one stone right?

Myth #6: My Extensions are Going to Last Forever

This is also wrong. Obviously, because myths are not truths, but nothing lasts forever. And your eyelash extensions will come and go just like all your real lashes. Everything has a life cycle, including your false eyelash extensions. They usually last about 6 to 8 weeks, maybe even 9. There might even be some stragglers that hold out for another month after that, but you shouldn’t expect them to last much longer than two months.

Myth #7: When I Get Them Done Once I Have To Do It Again Periodically

This goes back to myth #3 and #4. You don’t have to keep getting them done. And you don’t have to plan your whole calendar around getting your eyelash extensions on. Sometimes it ‘s nice to give your eyes a rest. There isn’t going to be any problem if you have to wait a bit to get your eyelashes redone. Time is not of the essence when it comes to eyelash extensions which is a total bonus if you ask me.

Let us know how your eyelash extension experience goes! We want to know. Leave comments below… Share these fantastic myths with your friends and keep taking care of your eyelashes and eyelash extensions.


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