Eyelash Extension Styles

Types of Eyelash Extensions

If you are thinking about getting eyelashes extensions, there are many extension styles you can choose from. In fact, the variety of eyelash extension styles out there can be confusing. When deciding which salon or spa you will have your extensions done at, ensure your consider your eye shape and what kind of look do you want your eyelashes to have.

As well, think about what aesthetician or cosmetologist (eyelash technician) you want to attach your lash extensions. Be careful that you go over the styles of eyelash extensions with your technician first. They will know what kind of extensions will suit your eye shape and your desired lash look best. Before you read much further, ensure you read 7 Myths About Eyelash Extensions.Or come back to this blog post later!!

Eyelash Extension Styles

1. Doll Eyelashes

This eyelash extension style focuses on “longer lashes” in the “middle of your eye” and is wonderful for opening your eyes up to make them appear larger. Doll shaped extensions are ideal for most eye shapes but, mainly, if you have “wide set” or “downturned” eyes and want to make your eyes appear more open.

extension types
Doll Eyelash Extensions

However, if your eyes are extremely “round” or “protrude,” this style of lash extension isn’t recommended as it can give your eyes a “surprised” or “overly round-eyed” and alarming appearance. Celebrity women who use doll lash extensions include”Jessica Alba and Megan Fox” who use the extension to have “bigger” and brighter eyes.”

2. Cat Eye Eyelash Extensions

This eyelash extension style uses the “longest lashes” in the “outside corner” of your eyes” to give the look of exotically shaped eyes. If you’re a woman with “strong outer lashes” and “rounder” or “close-set” eyes, these cat eye extensions will provide you with eyes that appear to extend outwards, to make your eyes appear set wide.

cat eye
Credit: Stylecastor.com – CatEyelashe Extension

Nevertheless, if your eyes “naturally turn downwards” or are “wide set” cat eye extensions are not recommended as “lon[g] ends” make downward turned eye shapes “exaggerated.”  Applying longer lash extensions “closer to the midpoint” of your eye will give downward turned eyes a much-needed “lift.”  Celebrity women who use cat eyelash extensions include Angelina Jolie and Taylor Swift” who use them to appear “exotic.”

3. Natural Looking or Flirty Eyelash Extensions

Natural appearing lash extensions follow your “natural” “lash line” and are “longer towards” the two-thirds” point of your eyes. This eyelash extension style “enhanc[es]” your lashes “without changing their shape” a great deal. Natural looking eyelash extension styles are good for every eye shape and all lash types.They are wonderful for wearing every day.

Natural Looking Eyelash Extensions

Also, this look adds only “a little length and thickness” to your natural lashes. They are akin to wearing a coat of mascara without the hassle of applying it each day. As well, they are a wonderful option for women “with finer lashes, ” and there are various lengths of flirty lashes. This kind of extensions provides “volume that is soft and natural-looking.”

However, if you want a more noticeable or “dramatic” kind of eyelash extension, it’s best to go with a bolder style of extension. Blake Lively is an example of a celebrity who uses natural (flirty) extensions to keep her eyelash look “low-key.”

4. Staggered Eyelash Extensions

This eyelash extension style means your extensions are “applied by mixing long and short lashes.” This mixing is done in “graduated ‘spikes’ of lashes.” Women who go for this look want “slightly messy” or “staggered” extensions that appear full and thick. This eyelash extension look is fantastic if you are seeking to create volume with “dense natural lashes” such as Kim Kardashian or her sister Kylie Jenner.

Staggered Eyelash Extensions

However, if your lashes are “sparse and fine” a staggered eyelash extension style is not the best choice. Your lashes will appear “too messy” and having this type of lash extension requires “density” of your natural lashes to work with. Volumizing thin lashes works better for those without ‘fine and sparse’ lashes. Celebrities who go for this staggered extension look also include J.LO. This look is often created with “strip lashes” that do not last as long as individual lash extensions.

5. Colored or Highlighted Extensions

For this eyelash extension style, colored or highlighted extensions are placed on your lash line during the “application” process. Some eyelash extension styles are “interspersed” so they can be applied in a “block of color” for an increased “drama[tic]” effect.

These extensions are often used by women who recognize what colors or highlights match their eyes well. For instances, purple lash “highlights work well with green eyes” and  “navy” lash extensions are excellent with blue eyes.

Colored Eyelash Extensions
Colored Eyelash Extensions

Moreover, these extensions are not ideal for job interviews or extremely professional workplaces. Since they are extensions, they grow out after two to three weeks and not in a day or two. False lashes might be better for special occasions or job-related events.

Other Types of Lash Extensions

Lash extensions tend to vary by name and according to which salon or spa your extensions are applied. For instance, on Caroline’s Lash Boutique, the types of lashes offered are explained slightly different than some of the lash extension types noted above. Where they are the same, I have noted the names of both types. For information on the price of eyelash extensions read How Much Do Eyelash Extensions Cost?

1. Signature Eyelash Extensions and/or Mink Eyelash Extensions

This eyelash extension style provides you with “slightly fuller” extensions that are a cross between “natural looking” eyelashes and “diva ‘glam'” lashes that are fuller. If you’re a person who wears layers of mascara every day, these are a great option for you since “slightly thicker” eyelashes are “blended with finer, thinner lashes” to create more “definition.” The result is fantastic volume and length on your lash line.

Mink Eyelash Extensions
Mink Eyelash Extensions

2. Mink Eyelash Extensions

Signature and Mink eyelash extension styles are nearly the same. The difference is that mink lash extensions are created from actual “mink fur.” Mink extensions result in a “beautiful feathery look” that is both elegant and natural. As well, mink eyelash extensions are “flexible and “lightweight.” This means you won’t feel like you’re wearing extensions on your lashes but that your lashes will still appear “sophisticated.” Nonetheless, you will probably need to have mink extensions filled more often as they are not as durable as synthetics.

Glam Eyelash extensions

3. Glam Eyelash Extensions

Glam Eyelashes are for women who want to be “daring and bold.” Eyelash extension styles used for Glam lashes are much thicker than other extension styles. They are also a formidable choice for “special occasions” such as Weddings, Christmas Parties, and other get-togethers as they give your eyes “impact” so they “stand out” and pop. Glam lashes are similar to ‘staggered’ eyelash extensions.

4. Custom Eyelash Extensions

If none of the above eyelash extension styles appeal to you, you can ask your eyelash technician to “customize your lash extensions” by adding various “lengths, volume, and curls.” Your technician can provide you with the ‘stunning’ lashes you’ve dreamed of having “naturally.”

Lash extensions are “designed to give you” the appearance you desire so you feel gorgeous and “put together” without having to worry about your eyelashes each morning — until you need them filled. So ensure when you go for your lash extensions, you receive the style you want exactly!

Lash Extensions According to Your Eye Shape

Just as we all have diverse symmetry in the shape of our faces, we also all have different eye shapes. The shape of your eyes plays a significant role when choosing what kind of eyelash extension styles are best for your eye shape. The goal is to “take advantage” of your shape with extensions. You want to make your eyes ‘pop,’ so they make you feel beautiful.

Standard Eye Shapes

eyelashes standard eye shapes
Credit:  Emma Watson – Almond Eyes

1. Almond Shaped Eyes

Eyes that have an almond shape or a “cat eye” are considered beautiful traditionally. This eye shape is lovely because it can carry off any eyelash extension style. Women with “almond shaped eyes” have an “outer corner” of their eye that is “wider,” as well as, “slightly upturned.” Celebrity women with almond-shaped eyes include “Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Olivia, Wilde, and Emma Watson.”

2. Wide-Set Eyes

Women who have wide-set eyes have eyes that are “far apart from each other.” Wearing eyelash extensions styles for wide-set eyes mean that the focus should be drawn to the “inner corners of the eye[s].” This “creates the illusion” that wide-set eyes are closer together.

Furthermore, women with wide set eyes should avoid “cat eye” eyelash shapes as they place “emphasis” on the outer corner of your eyes causing them to appear too wide or bug-eyed. Celebrity ladies with wide set eyes include “Kate Moss, Miranda Kerr, Amanda Seyfried, Daisy Lowe, and Natalie Dormer.”

Eyelash extension styles
Credit: Miranda Kerr – Wide Set Eyes

3. Close-Set Eyes

This eye shape is, of course, the opposite of wide-set eyes. If your eyes are close-set, their natural shape will “benefit” from “emphasizing” the “outer corners” of your eyes with the right extension style. Your extensions should be the thickest in the outer corners to draw attention away from the “inner corners of” your eyes. This makes them appear farther apart. Celebrity ladies with close-set eyes include “Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaza, and Kiera Knightly.”

Credit: Close Set Eyes – Jennifer Aniston

4. Down Turned Eyes

Downturned eyes can be a “challeng[e]” to deal with when it comes to choosing eyelash extension styles. The reason for this is that downturned eyes can be too easily “exaggerated.” This causes the eye to “appear even more downturned.” In turn, this can cause your entire face to appear dragged down, especially, for more mature women.

To disguise downturned eyes, you, need to “lift them” by using extensions with a “stronger curl” on the “outer ends” of extensions. At the same time, lash extensions need to be kept “short” (in the other corner of your eyes) so that the “downturned” shape of your eyes are not exaggerated.

Credit: Anne Hathaway – Down Turned Eyes

Focus on lash extensions for women with downturned eyes should begin at the “iris and pupil” when a person is “looking straight ahead.” Celebrity women with downturned eyes include “Katie Holmes, Anne Hathaway, Marilyn Monroe, and Eva Green.”

5. Small Eyes and Hooded Eyes

Having small eyes and hooded eyes often come together, and hooded eyes can make small eyes with “heavy” eyelash extensions appear even smaller. Additionally, smaller eyes require extensions with “emphasis” on the on the middle of the eye, with “strong curl” there. Celebrity women with small eyes include “Alicia Keys, Taylor Swift, and Megan Fox.”

Credit: Pinterest.com – Taylor Swift – Small Eyes –

Nonetheless, if Hooded Eyes are your issue over smaller eyes, the goal in choosing your eyelash extension style ensuring your eyes appear open “as much as possible.” Eyes with extensions that are too “heavy” can make hooded eyes seem “smaller and closed off.” As well, having hooded eyes simply means your brow bone covers your eyelid. Since hooded eyes are often little eye, to begin with, the “middle of your eye” should be the focus of your extensions with a “strong curl.”

6. Asian Eyes (Often Hooded)

Although many Asian women have “diverse” eye shapes, a great number of them have hooded eyes. Women with Asian ancestry often “lack a crease” on their eyelid. This means that when getting lash extensions, these women need to have extensions that focus on “opening” their eyes if they’re hooded. As well, Asian eyelashes are typically “straight” and “downward pointing” so ” ‘L’ shaped curls” should be used to “counteract” their downward direction.

Moreover, women with Asian eyelids have a “smaller” area in the “outer corner” of their eye while their “inner corner” is larger. Since their eyes are the exact opposite shape of many women in the western world, a “‘Reverse Cat Eye'” eyelash extension style is best. This extension style can create a “stunning illusion” of more open eyes. It focuses on the “outer corner” of their eye while “slowly increasing” the length of lashes for the the first ” two-thirds of the lash line.”

With reverse cat eyelash extensions, “long lashes” at the “inner corner” of an Asian women’s eye are the best. Celebrities with Asian eyes include “Sandra Oh, Doona Bae, Jamie Chung, and Kimiko Glenn.”

Credit: Cameron Diaz – Deep Set Eyes

7. Deep-Set Eyes

As well, deep set eyes can be had with a combination of other basic eye shapes. They’re “characterized” by a person’s eyes being naturally placed further back in their “eye socket.” Women who have large eyes, usually, have deep-set eyes and their eyes can be “overshadowed by” their “brow bone.”

8. Protruding Eyeshape

Protruding Eye Shape

The opposite of having deep set eyes is having “protruding” eyes that “bulge from the eye socket” and can be “overpowering” with individual eyelash extension styles. This is especially true if your extensions are too thick. It is best to “subdue” protruding eyes with  “B or J curl” lash extensions. As well, a “cat eye shape” to make the eye appear longer is a fantastic option. The with protruding eyes is to avoid opening protruding eyes further. Celebrity women with a protruding eye shape include “Nicole Ritchie and Christina Ricci.”

Wrapping it Up

Whatever eyelash extension styles you choose, ensure you consult with your eyelash technician first. Two to three weeks can feel like a long time to have lash extensions you hate. If standard eyelash extension styles work for you, great! But if you need eyelash extensions that are ‘just for you,’ and your flair of style, talk to your technician. She can provide your information on what custom extensions are perfect for you.

For more information on eyelash extensions read How to Care For Your Eyelashes After Extensions.


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