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8 Amazing Eyelash Extension Styles

Eyelash Extension Styles Types of Eyelash Extensions If you are thinking about getting eyelashes extensions, there are many extension styles you can choose from. In fact,...

Coconut Oil For Eyelashes: Benefits and How to Use It

Coconut Oil for Eyelashes (and everything else) is a natural oil that is all the rage. It has various uses for face and body...

Kylie Jenner’s Eyelash Secrets Revealed

Have you ever seen a photo of Kylie Jenner's Amazing Fake Eyelashes? Ever wanted to know Kylie Jenner's eyelash secrets? The youngest Jenner sister "recently...

6 Steps to Remove Your False Eyelashes

  6 Steps to Remove Your False Eyelashes You've worn false eyelashes on a night out and now want to remove your false eyelashes and don't...

Product Review: Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

Some women don't mind using eyelash curlers while others can't stand having an eyelash curler near their eyes. If a woman isn't careful she...
tips for caring for your eyelashes

Tips For Caring For Your Lashes

To provide you with the best possible ways for caring for your lashes, I have narrowed it down for you to the top 5...

7 Myths About Eyelash Extensions

What is a myth? Well, myths are stretched truths. They are a rumor that has been spread around and miss believed as truth. Like...

Product Review: LUXE Beauty Lash & Brow Growth Serum

What is LUXE Beauty Lash & Brow Growth Serum? LUXE Beauty Lash & Brow Growth Serum was created to treat thin, brittle lashes and brows...
before getting eyelash extensions

How to Care for Eyelashes After Extensions

How to Care for Eyelashes After Extensions So, you've just gotten your lush, beautiful eyelash extensions and you love them. But you wonder how you...
truth about eyelash extensions

Truth About Eyelash Extensions: 6 Need-To-Knows!

The truth about eyelash extensions is that they are all the rage right now, am I right? Everyone is getting them, from Beyoncé to...

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