How to Safely Remove False Eyelashes

safely remove eye lash extensions

How to Safely Remove False Eyelashes

We understand that enhancing your natural beauty can be time consuming; and it’s true that a natural look goes a long way. However, what happens when you need some extra help and you just need turn to… let’s say, false eyelashes?

Having them put on is the easy part. It can be exciting to see your eyes enhances with those magnificent new lashes. However, how do you take them off?

If you’ve already tried them on, and are looking for painless ways to remove them, stop what you are doing and read on. Here you’ll find pleasant solutions to this beauty challenge. It can be done in a matter of minutes, but you should be careful at all times.

The one thing you must take into consideration is if you are dealing with semi-permanent lashes, or they are temporary ones. There are some unique characteristics for each one, which in turn require certain techniques in order to safely remove them. Let’s find out!

Semi-Permanent Lashes

Although these give an overall natural effect, they can also be tricky to remove. Being individual lashes, meticulously glued one at a time, you need to check the volume and density first. Are there just a few lashes? Are there more densely packed?

How to safely remove false eyelashes

If you had only a few lashes glued on, you’re a very lucky person. Just carefully wash your face. You can use a special makeup remover as well.

What you need to have next is a bowl with steaming water. Be especially careful when covering your head with a cloth or a towel. Keep a safe distance of 6 inches from the bowl, at least.

You may not notice it instantly, but the adhesive will start to soften with the steam. Wait approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Then, splash some coconut or baby oil to your lash line. With some cotton try to mildly swipe it and watch those extensions easily fall off.

Temporary Eyelashes

These eyelashes, though not as waterproof as the semi-permanent ones, do have their benefits. For example, they only need temporary glue; so, don’t be surprised when you notice that these can be taken off rather easily.

The first step is to dip a cotton pad, just like in the previous scenario, in coconut oil or any oil-based remover. Press it gently over your closed eye for around 25 seconds, or less. That will help to loosen the adhesive.

You may want to do that a couple of times before trying to lift the eyelashes off. Remember to wait for as long as your skin needs. You don’t want to push too hard and find yourself with an irritated eyelid.

The Basic Removing Stage

If you’re already used to the adrenaline of removing eyelash extensions, then you know the drill by heart. If you don’t, however, here’s the basic routine. Either case, it’s always good to learn a few more beauty tricks.

1. Remove all eye makeup
This is essential for a clean break up with the falsies. Don’t let them bother you. Put on some music, relax and start with a cleansing session.

2. Proper Application
You must learn how to tell if your eyelashes were properly applied or not. Ensure this by checking if they are close to your lash or just on it. You definitely don’t want to ruin your natural lashes by adhering the extensions right onto the real ones.

3. The Power of Steam
Just like when doing a facial, you’ll need some steam to loosen the glue. As mentioned above, get your bowl and towel prepared. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes, and go get yourself some cotton for the next step.

4. The Oil of your Choice
Even before applying the falsies, you need to think about which oil you’ll be using when it’s time to remove them. Coconut is a great choice, but be aware of your type of skin. You might find some elements could be irritating. If in doubt, always consult a beauty expert.

5. Wiping Properly
With the help of a cotton ball, soaked in the oil of your preference, start wiping your lashes. Be extra careful around the eyelids. That is to avoid any skin irritation.

6. Rinse and Rinse some More
After properly wiping, you’ll want to rinse your lashes with the help of some warm water. Remember to do it gently, so as to ensure a perfect cleanse. Take your time with this step.

7. Learn to Re-ware
Some eyelashes can be especially expensive, so you’ll want to keep them afterward. It’s safe to re-ware them as long as you’ve followed the removal procedure step by step. If you do decide to keep them, it’s always a good idea to have a special case for safe storage.

Final advice
Those are basically the tips for removing false eyelashes safely. Please be sure to pay extra attention during the wiping phase. Avoid all rubbing, pulling, and even twisting. It sure can get messy the first time, but you’ll be able to master this with practice and patience.

Try to relax while doing it by listening to your favorite music. Don’t think of it as an intricate process. This is also part of the makeup process, and it can be fun too.

In the end, your true lashes are the ones that matter. So, don’t damage them by trying to speed up this process. If you’re experiencing any abnormal sensations, always contact a professional.

Whether you love permanent eyelashes, or just prefer to use temporary ones, you’ll find all these tips handy. When the time is right for kissing those falsies goodnight, remember to properly store or dispose of them.


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