Before Getting Eyelash Extensions: Read This!

Eyelash extensions seem to be the latest trend when it comes to modifying your body and face. Forget falsies, it is time to step up the game to full eyelash extensions. I mean obviously because nothing else is working for me, or I am just too lazy. I mean you decide which one it is. Or maybe I am just infatuated with the idea of trying something new and crazy… Yeah, that sounds good.

before getting eyelash extensions
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All of the celebrities are doing it. The Instagram models have been hashtagging it. The fashion media has been raving about it… But there are some things that need to be said before we dive into getting our very own eyelash extensions. Well, I jumped straight in without thinking… That doesn’t mean you should!

So here we go eyelash extensions. My experience and the real hard truth about them.


Eyelash extensions? What are those?

before getting eyelash extensionsHave you ever seen a girl one day with normal short stubby eyelashes and then all of a sudden for the next week, maybe longer, her eyelashes are longer and fuller than ever before? What is up with that? Well, that is because she just got eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are for when you want to have big luscious lashes but don’t want to glue on fake ones to your eyes everyday. They are used so that your lashes will appear longer, fuller, thicker, bigger, darker while still looking completely natural. Eyelash extensions usually don’t look over the top… like some of the fake eyelashes, I have seen.

Is that even possible?

Yes, it is. It is very feasible to do this. Although when watching the videos of people getting eyelash extensions, it is very weird. And a little cringe worthy. I tear up every time I watch a video of a girl getting her very own pair of mink eyelashes or whatever they may be in that particular video. Getting eyelash extensions is a process for sure. And it is very different to getting just the regular old glue on fake eyelashes.

What are they made of?

Well, eyelash extensions can be made of human hair, mink fur, synthetic hair, or silk. Those are the top four possibilities of what you are going to get if you are thinking about getting extensions. I mean all of those are possibilities when getting a wig, or regular hair extensions, so it’s not that big of a deal.

How long do they last?

This is a great question because we all know that fake eyelashes are not staying on overnight. So, how is it possible that they lashes are going to stay on for longer than 24 hours? Because they are extensions and have to be done professionally, these bad boys are going to last you for the next 6 to 8 weeks of partying, work life, family gatherings, and whatever else you may get yourself into. Although, many places are going to recommend to you that you are going to have to do maintenance on them. Otherwise, they will fall out quicker.

Did you know you lose about five eyelashes every day?

Do I have to go to a specialist to get them done?

Of course, you have to go to a specialist to get them done! Not going to a specialist to get your hair done would be like the first time you tried to cut your bangs… And you had to pretend that you were just Vogue and trying out this very hip style of extremely short bangs that exposed your full forehead. Trust me. There are some things in life that you are just going to want/have to spend money on. Eyelash extensions are one of them.

Do your research, and find the right specialist for you. Probably not someone who has only been doing eyelash extensions for a day.

Does it hurt like getting your eyebrows done hurts?

As far as I am concerned, definitely not. A specialist told me that she has actually had a lot of people fall asleep in the chair while they were getting theirs done. But it is when you open your eyes that there might be a problem. This problem will only be that your eyelashes are too long, or you have been playing with them. Otherwise you will be okay. If the professional recommends to you that you get a certain length, I suggest you do that length because anything else may be a bit painful. Especially since your eyelids are used to carrying around practically no weight at all. It will feel different.

Is it worth it or no? Are my REAL eyelashes going to be damaged?

before getting eyelash extensionsThere are so many people that are going around saying if you get extensions for your real hair or for your eyelashes, which you are going to ruin your natural hair. I promise you; this is NOT true. Unless you have a terrible “specialist” who just ruins your eyes completely… but they probably aren’t a specialist anyways. The point is, if you want to get eyelash extensions, and look fabulous like Beyoncé, (who by the way rocks mink eyelash extensions), then do it! Being stunning is your birthright. Do what makes you happy. You’re not gonna damage your natural eyelashes.

Is there anything else I should know?

Yes. You should keep in mind that your new fantastic lashes are going to come with a whole new set of problems. Like being heavier, being longer, being thicker… This means that your lashes are probably going to get tangled. They are probably going to be a bit of a pain in the butt until you officially get used to having a new length of lashes. For example, if you wear glasses, you are going to feel your lashes push up against your glasses. You are probably going to have to slide your glasses a little further down your nose, so your lashes have room to breathe. It is also important to note that you should not touch them too much unless you are using a mascara wand.

Eyelashes are fragile, and your eyes are sensitive. You don’t want to ruin your new expensive lashes before you get a chance to enjoy them. Remember, please be careful, these are your eyes we are talking about. You only have two of them.

If you are still skeptical, head on over to our other article about the Truth Behind Eyelash Extensions. I am sure that will give you all of the information you need.


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