Truth About Eyelash Extensions: 6 Need-To-Knows!

This is your cautionary tale! This is what you absolutely need to read before investing your money into eyelash extensions. You have to know what you are getting involved in… what could possibly go wrong… if it is really worth it. Are you prepared for getting eyelash extensions like you should be? If you are even sort of questioning yourself than you need to read this article before you commit to your new eyelash extensions.

truth about eyelash extensions

The truth about eyelash extensions is that they are all the rage right now, am I right? Everyone is getting them, from Beyoncé to the girl you met at the supermarket the other day, to the biggest drag queen you have ever met. Or maybe that is just me? Well either way, it is a sight to see. One day everyone has normal eyes, the next day everyone looks absolutely fantastic with their huge eyelashes. But are these eyelash extensions really all that everyone says they are?

Here is the truth about eyelash extensions. Well as much truth as I could find… And it isn’t all bad:

#1 When your eyes get wet…

truth about eyelash extensionsAlright ladies, if you are a very emotional person, you are going to have to plan on keeping those tears hidden for the first day or so after getting your new eyelash extensions. That includes when you go in for touchups as well. So plan accordingly. No overly romantic movies, no dramas, no fights with mama or your boyfriend, just relax for the next day. Life is good, you have great new lashes. Take a day off, you deserve it. As the lovely people from Parks & Rec would say, “Treat yo’ self!”

I am letting you know all of this now because water, any kind whether it is tears, the pool, the lake, or the rain, will ruin your glue before it has time to fully set in on your lashes. What am I really trying to say? If you get your lashes wet, they will fall off. That being said, after the 24 hour period, you will be able to shower and swim again like normal. BUT, you will not be able to use any waterproof mascara. Sorry ladies.

Waterproof mascara is oil based and usually needs a makeup remover to take off. That makeup remover will ruin the glue and will most likely pull your lashes off prematurely.

In summary for part one of the truth about eyelash extensions: water will probably ruin your day.

#2 Research, research, research, and then do some more

Your eyes are sensitive. Shocking right? Probably not. But because of this you need to do your research on what products you think you can used around your eyes and what you can’t. In your researching endeavors, be sure to find someone who is actually certified and allowed to give you eyelash extensions. This specialist will know the truth about eyelash extensions and will be able to answer any questions you may have. The reason it is so important to go to someone that is a professional is because they are going to have the right products to use on your eyes. AKA, they aren’t going to chemically burn your eyes. Trust me when I say you do NOT want that. I have chemically burned my eye before, and it never really recovered.

Using the wrong products can result in damage to your natural lashes or to your eyelids. Remember, the eyelash extension process is simple and painless.

Here are a few things you should keep in mind when researching your specialists:

  • How long they have been doing eyelash extensions
  • Check their before and after photos, make sure it looks like the real deal.
  • Read reviews about their place. Someone might have made the mistake of not doing their research and is saving you the trouble.
  • Be sure to find out if they are licensed and certified for eyelash extensions. (This one is pretty important)

You need to know that this industry has not been regulated, there aren’t any strict rules/guidelines, so research is the most important thing for your eyes right now.

#3 Snags and tangles

Truth about eyelash extensions number three. Your new eyelash extensions are going to most likely get tangled depending on the length. Which is absolutely crazy. Who would’ve thought that eyelashes could even get all tangled up? Because they are extensions and made of different material than your actual eyelashes, they are going to stick to each other. This is going to be quite annoying. Be ready to change your beauty routine to accommodate the change on your eyes. Having a mascara wand that hasn’t been used is going to be the best option for untangling your eyelashes and keeping them separate. This will keep your natural eyelash look looking strong.

#4 To be damaged or, not to be damaged? This the truth about eyelash extensions.

Just like a bad dye job, or a bad haircut, you could have a bad eyelash extension job. And no one wants that. The best way to avoid this is by finding out what chemicals are in the glue that the specialist is going to use on your eyelids. This will save you from any long term damages. You should probably have them do a skin patch test if you have very sensitive skin to make sure you aren’t going to have any kind of allergic reaction. Being cautious is always the best way to go if you have sensitive skin.

#5 Falsies versus extensions

truth about eyelash extensionsIf you just want to look temporarily fantastic and glamorous then falsies are the way to go. Not to mention there are so many different kinds of falsies out there from all natural looks, to 110% extra, to glamorous date night looks. So why get extensions? Because you won’t have to peel them off your eyelids at the end of the night. You will wake up in the morning looking absolutely fantastic.

After about the first week of having my eyelash extensions, that is when I really started to enjoy them. I still love my false eyelashes though. I mean, I love being extra and looking like I am dressed to the tens every night I go out. But for looking like an all natural beauty, eyelash extensions were the way to go for me. I did plenty of research before hand though and I was terrified that my eyelashes weren’t going to be the same either. Just like I was when I was dying my hair for the first time. Nothing changed though, and I still have beautiful natural lashes that I use eyelash masks on in attempts to make them fuller when I can’t afford eyelash extensions.

#6 Allergies and other medical concerns!

Let me make this very clear right off the bat: if you start to feel any kind of uncomfortable, whether it is burning or itching or teary eyes, whatever it may be… Tell the person that is working on your eyes. You only have two eyes ladies. Please be very careful when you are having work done. The professional that will be working on your eyelashes today knows what they are doing, but they don’t know how you are feeling. They have other glues they can use if you are allergic to that one. The truth about eyelash extensions is that is a pain free process. I know! It’s fantastic! So don’t put yourself through more pain than you actually should endure.

Us women, we’re tough but we don’t always need to be. Save that pain tolerance for when you are getting waxed or your eyebrows threaded.

Just remember to be careful when having using any kind of cosmetics near your eyes. Your eyes are a very precious and delicate part of your body. You don’t want to ruin them now do you?

If you want to find out more truth about eyelash extensions, head over to our other articles on eyelash extensions.


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