Tips For Caring For Your Lashes

Our eyelashes are the lightest most delicate feature on our whole body. But they are also one of our biggest defenders. These lashes are on the front lines keeping bacteria and dirt out of our eyes so that we don’t get sick. Continue reading to find out the best tips for caring for your lashes.

tips for caring for your eyelashes

To provide you with the best possible ways for caring for your lashes, I have narrowed it down for you to the top 5 tips for caring for your lashes. These tips are the most important and the need-to-knows of having beautiful, healthy eyes. The tips are all very simple situations in which you can do all of the treatments at home. How great is that?

Starting off at number one we have:

Caring for Your LashesDo not wear makeup to bed…

This is the worst thing you could do for your lashes. Just like the rest of your body, your lashes need to breathe ladies. Makeup clogs your pores in your skin and your hair, so that means your lashes are being neglected when you leave mascara on them. The mascara has chemicals in it that will make your lashes brittle. That means your eyelashes will break off prematurely if you leave the mascara on for too long at a time. If you want thicker and fuller lashes, you are going to have to take the extra step and take that makeup off at night. You will look younger and sexier for longer. Guaranteed.

Care For Your Lashes With A  Spa Treatment

Condition those lashes. Lather them up. Make those lashes all silky smooth.

Okay but, seriously, make your eyelashes a little mask to rehydrate them so that the constant breakage stops. Or that you make them stronger and healthier. Eyelashes can become brittle when neglected, meaning early breakage and shorter life cycles. And we don’t want that. Here are some masks that you can use on your eyes to rejuvenate them as well as make your lashes fuller, darker, longer, etc.

Vaseline mask: This is perfect for moisturizing your lashes. If you have eyelashes that fall out easily or are not as long as thick as you would like, it is probably because they have become brittle. This means they are breaking off quickly and you need a way to strengthen them.

Teabags under the eyes: This is perfect for covering up those under eye bags, or just overall tired look. It will bring life back to your face making you look younger, happier, and less stressed. How does this help your lashes though? Well, green tea bags have antioxidant properties to them that will help clean out the bad cells from your lashes that may be assisting in the weakening of your lashes. You should also just drink more tea, and water to rejuvenate your face.

Cucumbers on the eyes: This is the most stereotypical spa moment out there that you see in the movies. But it does do something other than complete the face mask. Cucumbers have so many awesome properties to them if you consume them, or have them around. It can’t just sit in your fridge. Cucumbers have ascorbic acid in them that will bring down the water retention in your eyes. Water retention is what gives you the dark circles under your eyes. This tip is just for the pure fact that if you take away the dark circles under your eyes, your lashes and eyes will automatically look brighter and fuller.

Learn more about eyelash masks here.

Next tip in tips for caring for your lashes is….

Try not to touch your lashes too much

If you rub your eyes a lot, I am going to have to ask you to knock it off. When you touch your eyes, you knock away loose lashes and press dirt into your eyes that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. Your fingers pick up all sorts of dirt and bacteria all day long, from everything you touch and if you’re like me, you probably touch your phone a lot. If you spend a lot of time touching your phone then you have tons of bacteria, dirt, oils, you name it!, all over your fingers.

Not to mention it will be great for your eyes and your makeup if you don’t touch your eyes. This means less smudging of the makeup, less time in the bathroom touching up your eyes, more time with that cute boy, or girl, you just met. When you touch your lashes you pull them out of your eyes early, and break them, ultimately giving you thinner and shorter lashes.

If you have something in your eye, please touch your eye and try and get it out. Or if you have an itch you need to scratch, then do it. I am just saying you should not rub your eyes every other minute of the day.

take vitaminsEat foods rich in these vitamins

Vitamins help rebuild and strengthen hair growth everywhere. Not only are you enhancing your lashes but you’re always getting a nicer head of hair. How great is that?

Let’s start with Vitamin C! Vitamin C can be found in plenty of fruits. Personally, I think oranges first BUT it is also found more predominantly in broccoli. Fun fact for ya. Vitamin C helps your body get the iron it needs. And iron is a necessity for growth, health, shine, strength in your fantastic hair. That includes your eyelashes.

Vitamin D comes from the sun mostly but can be found in cheeses as well. I just recommend tanning every now and again. Don’t forget sunscreen though! Vitamin D is going to reduce help prolong your lashes lifecycle.

Vitamin E, easily found in almonds and all your leafy greens, is perfect for staying gorgeous. Apparently, it is super popular within the media for staying beautiful.

And now we have Vitamin H which contributes to the building blocks of hair growth and will keep your lashes moisturized as well as prevent further breakage. Vitamin H is found in mushrooms and grains.

I love how your diet can make you stunning.

Give your eyes a break…

You do not need to wear makeup 24/7. That is too much. Your pores and skin and lashes and nose and lips and eyebrows and everything need time to breathe. And you are neglecting your beautiful lashes of that opportunity which means you are probably assisting in their damage. That means you are the culprit to your lashes falling out early, breaking off, and not letting them grow to their full potential. You could have fantastic lashes under all that makeup, but you would never know because you are too busy not giving your lashes a break. Or worse, you are not giving yourself a break.

Take a day to get some beauty rest and well-deserved spa treatment. Here are some homemade spa treatment ideas.

I hope you enjoyed these tips for caring for your lashes. Share your comments below, and be sure to read our other articles about taking care of your lashes.


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