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truth about eyelash extensions

Truth About Eyelash Extensions: 6 Need-To-Knows!

The truth about eyelash extensions is that they are all the rage right now, am I right? Everyone is getting them, from Beyoncé to...
before getting eyelash extensions

Before Getting Eyelash Extensions: Read This!

All of the celebrities are doing it. The Instagram models have been hashtagging it. The fashion media has been raving about it… But there...
Reasons Eyelashes Fall Out

10 Reasons Your Eyelashes Fall Out

Reasons Your EyeLashes Fall Out Long lush eyelashes make beautiful eyes that can make a woman feel more attractive. In fact, achieving them is part...
beautiful eyes

9 Eyelash Growing Hacks For Fuller, Longer Lashes

9 Eyelash Growing Hacks for Fuller, Longer Lashes Longer fuller eyelashes are a thing of beauty that brings wisdom, depth, and power to the eyes....
best drugstore mascara

The BEST Drugstore Mascara

The BEST Drugstore Mascaras There is a huge variety of BEST drugstore mascaras. Whether you're searching for that perfect mascara that gives volume, length or...

All About Eye Lashes

All About Eye Lashes Over the years eyes have become more than the windows to our soul. Eyes are what attract a potential partner’s attention....
apply mascara like a pro

TOP 10 Mascaras of 2017

We know that having the best lashes and prettiest eyes is the easiest and quickest way to look stunning. This year we want you...
apply mascara like a pro

How to Apply Mascara for INSANE Lashes!

How to Apply Mascara for INSANE lashes You’ve gone that extra mile to look your best, putting together a smooth seamless sleek look. Your makeup...
safely remove eye lash extensions

How to Safely Remove False Eyelashes

How to Safely Remove False Eyelashes We understand that enhancing your natural beauty can be time consuming; and it's true that a natural look goes...
will my eyelashes regrow

Will My Eyelashes Regrow after Extensions?

Will My Eyelashes Regrow after Extensions? The answer is, yes, eventually. There has been an increasing trend of women seeking lash extensions in the past...

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